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Large Chapel Crucifix

religious chapel crucifixThis remarkable large crucifix expresses a combined sense of drama, monumentality, and elegance through the extraordinarily accomplished carving of the wood. While other crucifixes emphasize Christ's agony, here his composed expression gives just a little hint of pain and suffering; rather, it implies his triumph over death.

The symmetrical body and stylized carving of the rib cage convey a sense of calm detachment. The face of Christ and his torso are articulated with fine interior and exterior lines of his body. The mannered flow of Christ's wrap echoes the river's swirling current. The play of both candlelight and daylight over the relief enhances the richness of the carved wood surfaces. It is a devotional carving of haunting immediacy, resonant with pathos.

Click on the cross for a detailed image.

Height: 42 inches

Corpus: Linden Wood | Cross: Solid Oak

Price: $1,149.00

Crucifix for Churches and Chapels

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Church Crucifix

church crucifix crossThe modeling of the figure is naturalistic and the proportions relate to sculpture of old masters. The leaning of Christ's head, the almost imperceptible turn of his body, and his slightly opened mouth suggest an awareness of his Mission. The facial expression is anguished, with closed eyes and a furrowed brow.

The deep emotional piety shown in the expressive face is made more poignant by the weighty loincloth modeled in sharply contrasting folds and deep crevices and by the taut composition. Details such as the lance wound, the crown of thorns, and the pallor of Christ's body are presented to the viewer for pious contemplation as an effective form of devotional practice.

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Height: 36 inches

Corpus: Linden Wood | Cross: Solid Oak

Price: $898.00

Large Sacrifice Crucifix with Crown of Thorns

religious catholic storeThe small Sacrifice crucifix was so loved, that we decided to make a larger 48" version.

It is a muscular, monumental carving of the humiliated yet glorified Savior. The wooden crucifix  focuses on the figure of Jesus Christ in the final moments of his life, as he cries, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46).

His willing sacrifice for humankind is expressed through his gentle tightening of the hands and his earthward gaze. The crown of thorns is made from real thorns and it enhances the naturalism of the composition. Additionally, his face is rendered in the throes of an arduous death, emphasizing the extent of Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of mankind.

Click on the cross for a detailed image. Close up view

Height: 48 inches

Corpus: Linden Wood | Cross: Solid Oak

Price: $1,495.00