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Mary, Mother of God

mary with christFew representations of Mary mother of Jesus and baby Jesus can match this example, regal and sensitive. The carving captures a precious moment between a mother and her baby, as the woman fondly embraces the child. The intense love she feels is expressed through her enveloping touch and her closed eyes. The face of the youthful Mary emphasizes her tenderness. The protective, caressing gesture of the Virgin's left hand is especially poignant.

Here the focus of the work is on the human and loving mother. The baby Jesus in her arms seems strangely subdued, perhaps contemplating Christ's future suffering. The surface is richly carved with attention to detail: the fringe of the Virgin's mantle, the faces, and the strands of hair of both mother Mary and Child are delicately highlighted.

Click on the carving for a detailed image.

Height: 15 inches

Wood: Linden

Price: $489.00

Mary, Mother of God | Sacred Carvings

Modern Carving of Mary with Child Jesus

mary mother of god with jesusIn this exquisite description of the ideals of femininity and motherhood, the artist has reduced his subject matter to a set of simple, geometrical elements. He sacrificed the physical detail for feeling: the emotional bond between mother and child emanating from the carving is a key protagonist in the elegant composition.

Underlying this exceptional object's aesthetic is a technically accomplished interplay of circular and elliptical lines. The artist's inspired handling of chisel to define form must rank among the more daring exercises of craftsmanship.

Click on the carving for a detailed image.

Height: 10 inches

Wood: Linden

Price: $115.00   

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