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Sacred Carving of Jesus Christ

Head of Jesus

head of christ on crossSaint Augustine was such a blessed thinker, that we decided to dedicate our unique series of crosses with the head of the Savior to him. The carving design is the result of years of dreams, preparation, experience, and hard work.

The divine creation expressed in terms of the sculptor's art implies the immediacy of the Crucifixion. The details of the face reveal a profound sensitivity to form and expression and beautifully convey the pathos and agony of the Lord. The closed eyes and the long hair, which falls down both sides of the head, reveal the emotional impact of death.

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Height: 11.5 inches

Wood: Linden | Cross: Solid Oak

Price: $219.00

Head of Christ

christ on crossIntended for private devotion, the carving shows the preference for defining volume and form with subtly worked lines and hatchings.

The appealing refinement and the difficulty involved in carving the left lock of hair affords rich contrasts and skillfully integrates the fragility of the hair flowing in the open space with the solidity of the carved wooden structure.

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Height: 9.5 inches

Wood: Linden | Cross: Solid Oak

Price: $129.00    

Christ Carrying His Cross

christ carved carrying cross"It is at the foot of the cross where the best of God meets the worst of mankind." Keith Wheeler

The carving encompasses the simple message of God's love. Its immediacy and the symbolism of the close-up invite the viewer to contemplate the pain and meaning of Christ's sacrifice.

While he bends beneath the heavy cross, he still retains a serene air. A subtle interplay of light and shadow heighten the impression of Christ's patient submission to his fate.

Click on the carving for a detailed image.

Height: 22 inches

Wood: Linden

Price: $295.00

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